The Pistis Sophia Examined

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and the conversations she had with Jesus In This Authentic Ancient Coptic Scripture






The Pistis Sophia is a translation and commentary of a special collection of 2,000 year old Gnostic Coptic manuscripts, derived from ancient Egyptian-Coptic Christian Codexes. In the historic period after the early Church became established as the “official religion” of the Roman Empire (325 C.E.), the Pistis Sophia literature was withdrawn. It remains an inner teaching of the Coptic and African communities.

The words Pistis Sophia are Greek for “Faith Wisdom” and represent a teaching given to the disciples of Christ Jesus AFTER his resurrection. Significant for modern times, these are teachings revealed not only to Jesus’ male disciples, but also to his female disciples including Mary Magdalene, Martha, and Salome!

Pistis Sophia in its fuller context represents not only the Wisdom of the Divine Father and the teachings of the Divine Son, but the Divine quality of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is exemplified in actual female forms of the Divine Mother, the Celestial Mother, the Virgin of Virgins, Mary and Mary Magdalene.

 The Pistis Sophia manuscripts date from 150-300 C.E.  However, this extensive and expansive teaching is claimed to have been given a mere 11 years after the resurrection. In essence, according to the original writers, these are some of the post-Gospel teachings of Christ.

It is evident in reading the five selected scrolls brought together in Pistis Sophia, that something far greater than a simplistic three-story universe is revealed, for it speaks of more than a simple heaven, earth, and underworld.  The Pistis Sophia describes the realm of God as a complex structure divided into the first space of the Ineffable, the second space of the Ineffable, and the third space of the Ineffable. Other realms are described as Treasury of Light and the regions of the “Right” and the “Left”.  Here we encounter more than mere angels, but the various Orders of Light that inhabit these spatial realms.

At the same time, the Pistis Sophia texts work richly and expoundingly in concert with the Gospel Teachings of Jesus Christ, the work of the Prophets and the Saints, both the Old and the New Testaments as well as many Intertestamental works and The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®.

This is truly a Treasury of teaching for our work in the discernment of the new Millennium, in the Unfolding and Manifesting of the Creative Feminine Spirit, as well as a document for finding the perfect Balance of the Right Hand and the Left Hand of the Divine.

The Pistis Sophia by Hurtak, contains five books of the Pistis Sophia writing with Translation and Teaching Commentary